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LZR is an accounting and business advisory firm. We have a passion for making your business more profitable, valuable and enjoyable.

We are on a mission to help you to grow your wealth.


What we do

We crunch all your data and analyse the results. Trust our experience. We have seen it all: The business that has outgrown its internal systems. Cash flow getting out of hand. A breakdown of checks and balances.

Whilst we could, we will never just focus on making your tax bill smaller. We will find the opportunities and show you the way to the next level of growth. We advise you on solutions and help you grow your business. We are passionate about fixing businesses or taking them to the next level.

How we work

You are the decision maker. Call us when you are ready. We will arrange a personal meeting and we will ask the right questions to identify your needs. And we will deliver a solution. Our roots are in accounting, we know the rules, we are discreet, we thrive under pressure, and we know how to analyse the data so that we are in a position to give you advise how to take your business to the next level.

We have done so for the last 40 years. Some of our clients have been trusting our advise for that long. We believe that is a statement in itself.

Who we work with

Groups and people we believe in — progressive start-ups, non-profits, privately owned businesses and corporations who have made it to the next level and those that want to get there. Some are local, some national and some international. But we only take clients who are ready.

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