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About Us

“Utilising our shared values of Knowledge, Integrity, Respect and Lateral Thinking, our mission is to make our clients’ businesses more profitable, valuable and enjoyable. We are sought after when high quality outcomes matter.”

Who we are

LZR Partners is the accounting, tax and business advisory arm of a group of wholly owned ppractices. With other highly compatible professional businesses, we make up the LZR Group.

The LZR Group includes LZR Partners, LZR Audit & Assurance, LZR Advisory and Super 360. We recognise that each of our specialised business entities have their own needs and way of working. Common ownership ensures that each separate business has to work with the others to maximise benefits for both our clients and ourselves.

Our clients include a wide variety of for profit, not for profit, businesses, individuals and organisations. Small and large multinational family business, schools, investors, as well as individuals and businesses that are looking for answers to questions such as why aren’t we making as much as we think we should?

Members of our team include specialists in each area of accounting, taxation and business advisory, audit and financial planning services. In addition to providing in-depth and experienced services to our clients, they adopt a human approach to ensure a successful client-relationship journey.

How we work


Whilst we could, we will never just focus on making your tax bill smaller. We find the opportunities and show you the way to the next level of growth. We advise you on solutions and help you grow your business. We are passionate about fixing businesses or taking them to the next level.


We crunch the data and analyse the results. We have seen it all: The business that has outgrown its internal systems – The breakdown of checks and balances – Your Cash flow getting out of hand.


We don’t work in a silo system – by understanding that our different business units have different skills, we can utilize the collective skills from all of our specialists for each client that needs them in order to provide the best outcomes.


By bringing our people together where necessary we can think laterally and offer genuinely flexible alternatives and solutions for our clients.

Who we work with

Groups and people we believe in — progressive start-ups, non-profits, privately owned businesses, corporations and individuals who have made it to the next level and those that want to get there.

Some are local, some national and some international. But we only take clients who are ready.

Our Team