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Audit & Assurance

“The secret of success is not in predicting the future but about creating a business that can thrive in a future that cannot be predicted.”

Focusing on the Business

‘Auditing is the art of working with businesses and organisations to provide professional assurance that is independent, trustworthy, proactive and adaptable while at the same time providing thorough and relevant insights on financial conditions and performance.’

Our audits deal with financial, operational, compliance and risk issues in business. The assurance provides you with the framework to deal with a world of globalization, digital and other interactions, complex regulations and the high standards that you have set for your business.

The LZR Audit & Assurance approach is not a bash and tick exercise. We carefully examine each client to ensure that their needs are not only met but their expectations are exceeded.

We use various analytical strategies to consider the real world behind the data, find the sampling pattern that gives rise to the data, and then develop procedures that go backwards from the data to the underlying issue.Our clients include a wide variety of for profit, not for profit, businesses and organisations. Large multinational family business, schools, and businesses that are looking for answers to questions such as why aren’t we making as much as we think we should.

Michael Zylberman OAM – Director (Audit)

Michael is a Registered Company Auditor, Registered Tax Agent and has been in Public Practice for over 30 years.

He provides specialist advice to Boards of Management on audit and assurance matters and assists in system improvement projects. Michael has a special knack for understanding and resolving underlying issues.

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