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Capability Statement

Who are LZR Partners?

LZR Partners are the accounting, tax and business services arm of a group of wholly owned professional entities. Along with LZR Audit & Assurance, Super 360, and LZR Advisory, we make up the LZR Group. We recognize that each of our specialized business entities have their own needs and way of working. Common ownership ensures that each separate business must work with the others to maximize benefits.

Why LZR Partners?

Our practice has been in existence for nearly 50 years. We have real expertise in taxation (both domestic and international), business services, audit and financial advisory.

Rather than try to be all things to everyone, we have also developed a range of strategic relationships in the following areas that provide you with access to quality, cost effective expertise:

  • Visa and migration services;
  • Legal;
  • Employment law;
  • US tax compliance including FBAR and FATCA reporting
  • Relocation services;
  • Cost of living data;
  • Health insurance providers;
  • Foreign pension transfers including QROPS, IRA’s, 401k and RRSP’s; and
  • Wills and estate planning.

How we can help You are the decision maker. Call us when you are ready.

We will arrange a personal meeting, ask the right questions to identify your needs, and we will deliver a solution. Our roots are in accounting, we know the rules, we are discreet, we thrive under pressure, and we know how to analyze the data so that we are in a position to give you advice on how to help you to the next level.

Trust our experience. We have seen it all

Our Services

Strategic tax planning and consulting

The development of an integrated approach to tax planning for entrepreneurs and high wealth families can create significant advantages.
LZR Partners will work with you to develop and implement tax plans that maintain and optimize your capital for the benefit of both current and future generations.

Capital Gains Tax

Capital Gains Tax (CGT) and the manner in which a cross border transaction can be impacted require specialized advice. The CGT rules, the tax rates, the breadth and depth of the CGT net and deemed acquisition and disposal rules will vary from country to country.

LZR Partners understand both the domestic and foreign issues associated with CGT.


Trusts are commonly utilised in Australia for tax planning and asset protection. The taxation of trusts within the international environment is complex due to the different manner in which trusts are recognized globally. The migration of the trustee, appointor or beneficiary may give rise to adverse tax consequences to grantors or beneficiaries.

LZR Partners can advise on the effective of existing or proposed trust structures now and going forward.

Asset protection and wealth transfer

We live in a litigious environment and protecting your family’s wealth is paramount. Many business structures either do not or have not been updated to adequately protect the business owner’s assets and income streams from the risk of litigation.

Intergenerational wealth protection is a key area of focus for our experienced team. Trusts, family foundations or companies with variable share rights should be considered by entrepreneurs and high wealth families.

This is a core component of LZR Partners practice, and we have 40 years of expertise advising on these issues.

Estate planning

A well formulated estate and succession plan can ensure your wealth is preserved for future generations. Wills are testamentary trusts may lose their effectiveness and intent as you become internationally mobile. LZR Partners via its strategic relationships works with trusted advisors to develop and implement effective estate plans that recognize your needs.

Pension and superannuation funds

Accumulating wealth with a pension or superannuation fund has historically been the most tax advantageous means of accumulating and protecting wealth available to private clients.

LZR Partners understands the foreign taxation of pension and superannuation benefits and we regularly advise private clients on the impact that international mobility may have on their retirement plans.

Our wholly owned specialist SMSF Administrator, Super 360, provides compliance and administration services to Self-Managed Superannuation funds, ensuring that our clients meet all of their compliance and reporting requirements through proactive support and the highest quality technical advice.

Accounting and Compliance

Looking after the compliance obligations can be a costly exercise if not managed correctly. We see compliance as the opportunity to develop meaningful, timely information designed to meet all of the needs of the business stakeholders.

Services offered include the preparation of financial statements and ‘in house’ CFO services, Individual, Corporate and Trust income tax returns as well as advice on how to take your business or opportunity to the next level.

The provision of accounting and compliance services is a core component of LZR Partners practice.


Our audits deal with financial, operational, compliance and risk issues in business.

The assurance provides you with the framework to deal with a world of globalization, digital and other interactions, complex regulations and the high standards that you have set for your business. We use analytical strategies to consider the real world behind data, find patterns and develop procedures that go from the data to the underlying issues.


At LZR Advisory, we pride ourselves on providing smart, straight forward and cost-effective advice to assist you achieve your financial and lifestyle goals. Our approach is to understand your individual needs and provide tailored strategic outcomes to help grow and protect your wealth.

We are not owned by an institution and are not aligned to any financial products.

We specialise in:

  • Superannuation (including SMSF);
  • Life Insurance:
  • Retirement Planning and
  • Portfolio Management.

Our Team Leaders

Andy Briggs – Director (Tax)

Andy delivers solutions-focused strategic taxation advice to large, complex multi-national and privately owned organisations, as well as high net worth individuals.

Andy is committed to delivering value to clients through astute solutions that address the unique needs of their organisations, their personal risk profiles, and the regulatory environments in which they operate.

He brings a strong relationship focus to each engagement and values the opportunity to work closely with clients as well as their existing advisers and staff.

This gives him the insight to perceive opportunities and pitfalls at a strategic level. He can then bring to bear decades of cross-border taxation experience in devising bespoke solutions and seeing them implemented with success.

Andy has experience with PricewaterhouseCoopers in the United Kingdom, where he worked for 15 years, and Deloitte in Australia. Many clients have remained with him throughout his career.

Michael van Schalk – Associate Director (International Tax)

Michael has over 25 year’s specialist experience in the area of international mobility having worked in both Australia and the United Kingdom.

During this time, he has have worked with clients across a number of industries to advise on the taxation issues that arise as a consequence of employees living and working abroad, including; tax effective salary packaging, superannuation and pension planning and cross border incentive programs.

Michael has experience with PricewaterhouseCoopers in the United Kingdom and Australia, where he worked for 10 years, and Arthur Andersen in Australia. Many clients have remained with him throughout his career.

He has been a regular public speaker having conducted seminars on tax-based matters for the Tax Institute of Australia and CPA Australia

Michael Scarr – Managing Director and Director (Business Services)

Michael has broad experience in strategic business planning, financial and management reporting and stakeholder management over a number of industries including

  • Medical;
  • FMCG
  • Financial services
  • IT;
  • Manufacturing and
  • Construction.

His strengths lay in communication, understanding the needs of business’ stakeholders, business structure and improvement.

Michael was also Finance Committee Chairman and a Director of the Influenza Specialist Group (ISG) for three years until March 2015.

Michael Zylberman OAM – Director (Audit)

Michael is a Registered Company Auditor, Registered Tax Agent and has been in Public Practice for over 30 years.

He provides specialist advice to Boards of Management on audit and assurance matters and assists in system improvement projects. Michael has a special knack for understanding and resolving underlying issues.

Scott Martin – Director (Advisory)

For almost a decade Scott has helped clients make smart choices with their money. get their financial house in order and increase their wealth.

Prior to LZR Advisory, Scott worked at one of Australians largest financial institutions and at a number of boutique financial planning firms. He has enjoyed the experience of helping clientele from varied backgrounds from young wealth accumulators through to those that already have a high net worth.

Scott is a strategic financial planning expert who possesses a strong background in superannuation and SMSF strategies as well as investment markets, cashflow management and estate planning.